Why should you care about plumbing work?

plumbing work

A building’s cold and hot water supply is provided by the plumbing network. This network distributes water from the water meter to the bathroom and to the various sanitary facilities: faucet, water heater, bath and shower, WC or even washing machine. Then, the wastewater is evacuated in dedicated pipes. Plumbing is therefore essential to be able to live in a dwelling .

Whether you own or rent, it is important to take an interest in plumbing work . These are carried out both during a new construction, as well as a renovation or maintenance of the network. Replacing an aging fitting can thus prevent a leak from appearing at home. Of course, for substantial plumbing work such as the creation of a new bathroom, the intervention of a plumber is generally necessary.

Regarding less complex projects such as the installation of a shower cubicle, the replacement of an old cumulus or the renovation of joints and fittings, it is possible to carry them out yourself without the intervention of a professional provided to be well prepared in advance. Indeed, plumbing requires knowledge and skills in DIY but also tools.

Plumbing work is technical and can cause a lot of damage if done incorrectly. Indeed, a simple poorly installed connection can cause water damage. This is why we invite you to browse the plumbing and bathroom work guides to find out more about their realization.

Why should you be interested in bathroom work?

Bathrooms and shower rooms are rooms that must be practical and in which it is important to feel good. To adapt them to the needs of the occupants, it may be necessary to carry out major work. This is for example the case:

However, building or renovating a bathroom is expensive and this project must be prepared in advance. It will also be mandatory to modify the plumbing plan of the room to adapt it to the new layout if you wish to move certain equipment.

Plumbing of a house: which installations are concerned?

Plumbing is ubiquitous in a house or apartment. Even if the network is invisible because it is built-in, the hot and cold water pipes as well as various evacuation pipes run through the entire dwelling.

Regarding the sanitary appliances and water points in a dwelling , they are generally concentrated in the following rooms:

Various rooms depending on the configuration of your home: water heater, boiler, cumulus or radiator.

Each of these sanitary appliances is connected to the domestic plumbing network through a network of pipes and drains.

Plumbing guides: common plumbing jobs in a house

It is necessary to take an interest in plumbing techniques during certain projects. Of course for the most substantial projects, the intervention of a professional plumber is generally mandatory. For example, the creation of a bathroom requires working on the plumbing but also the electricity, the tiling and other building trades. But other plumbing jobs are more accessible.

To give you a better understanding of plumbing and bathroom work , here are the most common interventions in a home:

Do-it-yourselfers are often worried about working on the plumbing system. It must be said that a simple loose fitting can be the cause of a water leak. This is why our plumbing and bathroom experts offer you practical guides explaining how to carry out this work. From fitting a fitting to installing taps and even a walk-in shower, the Maison en Travaux work guides will give you the basics you need to know to do plumbing.

Learn to intervene for an emergency repair yourself: checks to be made for a broken down water heater, detection and repair of a water leak,…

Of course, it is better to involve a real professional  if you lack know-how. The latter will have the skills but also the tools to redo your plumbing network. Likewise, a plumber will use the materials and techniques that will ensure the durability of the system. He will make crimp or slip fittings, use multilayer tubes or even carry out clean welds on copper piping. In other words, the job will be well done!

In this case, the plumbing and bathroom work sheets will allow you to clearly define your project and above all to be able to understand what your plumber will offer you.

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