Advantages of Having an Air Purifier at Home

Purifier at Home

Air purifiers can improve your health in many ways. They get rid of the viruses, bacteria, allergens, and pollutants that linger in the air. The best air purifiers have High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters that 99.7% of viruses, allergens, and other gases commonly found in Indian households.

In this article, we will look at the advantages of a home air purifier. But first, let’s understand how air purifiers work.

What does an air purifier do?

An air purifier is designed to eliminate contaminants from the air, thereby improving overall air quality. They have different filtration like a Pre-filter, Activated Carbon Filter, True H13 HEPA filter, and Plasma filtration that removes bacteria, viruses, dust, dirt, smoke, and unwanted odours. Air purifiers like Forbes Air Purifier 150 Surround 360° and Forbes Air Purifier 355 Surround 360° have best-in-class advanced filtration that can remove 99.97% dust & particulate matter as small as 0.1 um.

Benefits of having an air purifier at home

1. Combat seasonal allergies

Most air purifiers have HEPA filters capable of removing ultra-fine like pollen, mould, and microbes. This can help in reducing airborne allergens, which in turn decreases your chances of having seasonal allergies. Forbes Air Purifier 150 Surround 360° has an integrated Pre-filter, Activated Carbon Filter, and True H13 HEPA filter that removes particles as small as 0.1 um. The air purifier also features a Surround 360° Air Intake Technology that can swiftly capture bacteria, dust, allergens, odour, and smoke. Additionally, the PM 2.5 digital display demonstrates real-time air quality along with colour indication.

2. Part of the defense against germs

Germs encompass tiny microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, present in the air and water. While many germs are harmless, some can lead to diseases and make you sick. To mitigate the spread of germs within your home, adopting practices like regular handwashing with soap and water, maintaining cleanliness on household surfaces, and getting an air purifier can be beneficial. Forbes Air Purifier 355 Surround 360° is equipped with Surround 360° Air Intake Technology that effectively captures bacteria, dust, allergens, and odours from all directions. Additionally, the air purifier’s best-in-class and advanced purification technology equips it to clean 90% of the air in the room in 10 minutes under standard conditions. A Pre-filter that removes pet dander, hair, dust, and large pollutants. The Activated Carbon filter eliminates carbon, odour, VOCs, and smoke. The True H13 HEPA filter removes ultra-fine particles like pollen, mould, and microbes. The Plasma Filtration eliminates harmful microbes.

3. Healthier homes with fresh indoor air

Bad indoor air quality can be a contributing factor to infections, chronic lung conditions such as asthma, and even the development of lung cancer. Various sources contribute to poor indoor air quality, including bacteria, viruses, dust mites, pet dander, VOCs, and others. Enhancing the freshness and cleanliness of indoor air can be achieved by incorporating a high-quality air purifier like Forbes Air Purifier 355 Surround 360° and Forbes Air Purifier 150 Surround 360° capable of both trapping and inactivating harmful particles.


Adding an air purifier to your home enhances indoor air quality and ensures the proper health and well-being of your family.

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