5 common locksmith problems

locksmith problems

In the event of a locksmith problem, it is not uncommon to call a locksmith. Indeed, the locksmith artisan intervenes at an essential stage in the renovation or construction of a building. Once you know how it can help you, knowing common everyday problems would be an asset. Urgence Artisans makes this point in this article.

Locksmith problem 1: changing a lock

Locksmith problems areĀ  commonplace. There may be times when you feel the need to change your lock. For rust reason, lost key or to enhance security. Indeed, changing a lock is a wise choice. You must take into account the level of security sought and the form of installation.

To help you in your choice, there are different types of locks . Each type is intended for a given use. Whether you want to install it on the wall or recessed, you must have technical knowledge. Being a good handyman would be an asset or calling on a locksmith for quality.

However, to change a lock, one should not necessarily wait for the extreme. Indeed, when you change accommodation, it is a good idea to change all the locks for your safety.

The cost of a lock change depends on the quality of the service to be provided. For high security, you need to spend more. Similarly for cheap cost quality. Also, the cost of the intervention if you need to call on a professional depends on your location. Thus, a lock change in Paris will be different from a lock change in Montpelier .

Locksmith problem 2: a squeaky door

The second common everyday problem is a squeaky door . Indeed, a squeaky door usually produces an unpleasant noise . This problem arises when you do not maintain your hinges. You should know that maintaining your hinges means lubricating your hinges. Lubricating a squeaky door requires the use of certain products. It will take advice from a professional or use natural means.

As natural products, you can use olive oil, candle wax or a bar of soap to name a few. If in the process of lubrication you notice the rusting of the hinges, you need to replace them. This operation requires the intervention of a locksmith.

Locksmith problem 3: security

Good security is also a relevant issue. This is a question not to be taken lightly, because your property and your person are at stake. First, it is a question of a good choice of lock . After that, the locking system and the type of door. Indeed, an armored door has a high degree of security. The latter opposes more resistance to attempted break-ins.

In case your front door is already installed, you can proceed with the shielding. If you don’t have a real armored door, you can transform an existing door. Good news, isn’t it? You just have to call the locksmith near you.

Locksmith problem 4: a slammed door

A slammed door is a locksmith problem that can occur at any time. In this situation, not opening your door is an embarrassing situation. However, unless you hire a trained professional, you can do it without much effort. First, you can try opening with a rigid object. The object concerned can be a radio, or a magnetic card. Next, slide the object between the frame and the door. It will be necessary to push the bolt until the spring retracts and releases the opening mechanism.

Second, it is about opening using a picking tool. This technique requires some knowledge in the field. This is why calling a locksmith for a quick repair is ideal.

Locksmith problem 5: a key stuck in the lock

In fifth position, it is common to have a key stuck in the lock. This problem comes when you most expect it. As an emergency solution, it is necessary to lubricate the bolt of your lock. Generally, this operation does not require the intervention of a locksmith. However, it may happen that the key remains stuck despite the drops of oil you have just applied. In this case, it is a more delicate cause. You have no choice but to call a locksmith for a quick fix .

Benefits of hiring a locksmith

For the various locksmith problems that you will encounter, it is best to seek the services of a professional locksmith . Indeed, a specialist has the tools to intervene effectively. Also, the experience required to effectively solve your problem.

On the other hand, troubleshooting a locksmith saves you time and money. Indeed, by wanting to do the repair yourself, you risk damaging the equipment. As locksmithing is a delicate area where the safety of goods and people is important, you must get help. This decision protects your loved ones.

In addition, the craftsman will identify the entire problem to prevent the same or similar failure from occurring. At the same time, the latter can give you prevention advice. To call on a professional locksmith, you can make use of telephone directories. To make your job easier, you can simply call on one of our qualified craftsmen. Indeed, Urgence Artisans is a network of professionals able to intervene in an emergency in Montpellier or its surroundings.

Locksmith problems: what to remember?

In sum, from a lock replacement to a key stuck in your lock, this list of problems is not exhaustive. Nevertheless, you must favor the intervention of a professional each time. This option saves you money. At the same time, choosing a trusted person is very desirable. To find this kind of person, using a company or getting a recommendation are all options. Since not all the problems have been mentioned, tell us in the comments the locksmith problems that you encounter most often.

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