How to improve in mathematics?

improve in mathematics

To do this, you have to be attentive and focused. Listening to the teacher is the first thing to do. If there is a question, do not hesitate to raise your hand to ask it. Besides, we are surely not the only one to ask this question! Asking a question makes you look silly for a minute maybe. But if we don’t ask it, we will be stupid all our life!

Writing down everything the teacher says makes it easier to understand his lesson at home by rereading it. Indeed, it is even necessary to write down the answers to the questions that were asked in class so that you no longer have to ask yourself the same questions in the following classes.

Do not skip any steps during a demonstration. Indeed, the writing allows the proofreader to understand the thread you followed to achieve such a result. It is important to write down each step and write them down neatly.

Participate during the course

Participating during the course allows you to better memorize the course when you return home in the evening. Indeed by having participated and contributed actively to the course, the brain keeps a better trace of it. Indeed, various scientific studies show that the brain learns more by experimenting, getting involved and practicing with our own hands.

If the brain is not active during the lesson, if it only listens to the information, this information will not be effectively recorded and remembered. This is why you should not hesitate to ask questions during the lesson and write the answers in your notebook so as not to forget anything.

But participating also means answering the questions that the teachers ask. If they ask the question, it’s not because they don’t know the answer. You suspect it. This is because they want to involve the students and give them a stake. You have to take it, because it’s a way to learn. It doesn’t matter if the answer is wrong. It is from his mistakes that man learns.

Learn your lesson perfectly

Before moving on to the exercises, it is imperative to know its course. To do this, you must reread the course and assimilate it each evening after the course. Even if at the end of the day you are tired and you just want to rest, you have to take the time to reread your course. It is necessary to read the course, to understand it, to learn the theorems, the properties, and to learn the examples or exercises of application which appear in the course. But how do you know if everything has been learned?

If the lesson has been badly copied, things are missing and it is incomplete, the lesson can easily be found in school mathematics textbooks. But there are also Youtube channels that explain all the chapters of a program for each level, such as the Les Bons Profs channel:

If the course is not understood, there is no point in learning

It is useless work. If there are theorems that you do not understand, properties or proofs, you must ask the professor to clarify these points. It is also possible to find the explanation in his school mathematics book or even on the internet. Indeed the important thing is to have well understood its course.

If you have difficulty understanding your course, you can also get help from a private teacher: you can see our tutoring offers here .

Make review sheets

The cards summarize a chapter or a concept to know. The sheet must be easy to read and understandable at first glance. You have to use colors, underline the titles, frame the properties and theorems to highlight them, highlight the new lexicon, etc. It is necessary to write the course there, but also the exercises of applications, in order to know the method to solve such or such exercise. The files, it starts now!

Doing exercises not only allows you to train but also to see what are the points of improvement and the type of exercise that is problematic. You also need to take the time to read the statement carefully. Often, students rush and do not take enough time to understand what is really required.

To be sure of being up to date with the application of the course, you must do at least 5 exercises per chapter, including standard exercises (exercises that are often found). Do not immediately look at the corrections or the answers. Correction is useful only when you think you have the right answer. Do not hesitate to redo the same exercise several times in order to better understand it. If there is something that is still a problem, write in the margin the question to ask the teacher the next time so that you don’t always get stuck in the same place.

Practice writing well

Mathematics is not just calculation. Simply writing the answer in numbers is not enough. Knowing how to write well is essential to progress in mathematics. Writing allows you to structure your thoughts, which makes it possible to avoid errors and to be understood by the proofreader. And very often, there are points for writing your copy! The answer to a question is made up of 3 parts:

Get a private teacher

Hiring a private tutor can be the right solution if your child feels overwhelmed by math and can’t get motivated. Indeed a private teacher will help the child in this matter. He will be there to explain individually the notions that he will not have understood and to explain the terms, the concepts, the calculations etc. The child will therefore be able to ask all the questions he did not dare to ask in class and finally understand what was not understood in class.

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