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Gear Cutting Tools

Mechanical power transmission is not possible without gears. The accurate production of gears is necessary for developing intelligent tools for various industrial processes. The process of making or machining gears is known as “Gear Cutting,” and the wide variety of tools or equipment produced after gear cutting is known as “Gear Cutting Milling, grinding, broaching, and hobbling are the most common gear manufacturing methods. Even though there are multiple manufacturers, the one that produces a comprehensive range of quality gear-cutting tools is considered on the top rank. One such top-ranker is “Gear Cutting Tools Manufacturers India.”


It is one of the leading manufacturers of gear-cutting tools in India. It has produced a wide range of best-quality gear-cutting tools for various sectors such as the defense sector, automobile sector, railways and transportation, aerospace, and other diverse applications. The prominent tools are gear hobs, shaving cutters, shaper cutters, master gears, skiving cutters, scudding cutters, etc.

Premium Quality of Products

The secret of the top quality of the products is the use of premium-grade raw materials. The highest quality of raw material is selected for the production of every tool. Then, they are coupled with specialized machines, advanced computer-aided design, and quality control during the manufacturing process. The cutting-edge innovation of engineers and the research & development team has produced the finest quality gear tools. Thus, it doesn’t only ensure itmeets the customers’ expectations but also acts as a reliable source of gear.

Variety of tools

It supplies a wide range of tools for gear cutting to the world’s leading aerospace, automotive, and oil manufacturers. The following are the most popular tools of this organization-

  • Gear Hobs– These are used for generating helical gears, spur gears, worm wheels, involute splines, sprockets, straight key splines, etc.
  • Power skiving tools– These include continuous cutting of gears to produce a spur shape in the external gear and a spiral shape in the internal gear.
  • Gear shape cutters– The customized shape cutters assure relative dimensional accuracies according to the specifications suggested by the customer.
  • Milling cutters– With the help of the latest equipment and advances in designs, all rack milling cutters have high pitch accuracies.
  • Gear shaving cutters– These include conventional, diagonal, and plunge cutters.
  • Master gears– These are manufactured using the latest design software and process-controlled equipment to ensure the long life of the tool.


Along with tools, timely servicing and inspection facility is also provided. The services include the following-

  • Resharpening Program– It includes regrinding of gear hobs, shaper and shaving cutters, master gears, etc. Inspections are carried out at regular intervals to ensure the long life of tools.
  • Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Coating– It is done to enhance the high heat and wear resistance, reduce abrasions, and increase the hardness of the tools.
  • Reverse Engineering– With the help of reverse engineering solutions, various new designs are incorporated to bring out the most efficient outcome.


The essential philosophy of the organization is the premium quality of products, skilled engineers, right-time delivery, timely services, and customer satisfaction. One of the business’s core values is an ethical approach to dealing with customers while maintaining a healthy working environment for the employees. The organization is highly determined to provide the best solutions and products to assure customer satisfaction.

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